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Chitralekhanam is a leader in the education of artists, designers and creative professionals for more than a decade.

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Established in October 2003, with 32 Students, has expanded date to date to a strength of above average students aged between 3 years and 73 years.

This tremendous growth has been achieved with Ridhima’s strict discipline, Unflinching determination, total commitment, dedication and sincerity. Introducing her, she is a Nandi Award Winner from AP Govt. in the year 1993 for writing Best Story and Screenplay of a Telefilm Manchu Pushpam. Subsequently, she has written stories for other telefilms in the years 1993 to 1999. She is a Singer and Classical dancer too. To develop Art skills and to establish as an Artist, it took only four years for her, and now she is into doing her own Arts. She Shares a personal rapport with each and every student and her skills are at best in improvising each students skills.

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Discovery occurred to me at very tender age. Nature helped me a lot both as a source of inspiration and as a teacher. My first steps were so pleasent, because the trail and error in it taught me more lessons about life you lose, you gain it always added a lot and strenghened me.

The changing colors of nature, season wise, the warmth, the chill, the wetness both the appeareance and diseppearence of things in nature is a visual delight for the one, who is in treat. Colors, taught me the shades & depths of life. The variations of color due to refraction of light gave me the multi dimensional view of things around me.

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