Discovery occurred to me at very tender age. Nature helped me a lot both as a source of inspiration and as a teacher. My first steps were so pleasant, because the trail and error in it taught me more lessons about life you lose, you gain it always added a lot and strengthened me.

The changing colors of nature, season wise, the warmth, the chill, the wetness both the appearance and disappearance of things in nature is a visual delight for the one, who is in treat. Colors, taught me the shades & depths of life. The variations of color due to refraction of light gave me the multi dimensional view of things around me. The more I interacted with lines, colors, textures, mediums, fulfillment was joyful but saturation was far off. Miles to go…

Canvassing the feelings, emotions, thoughts, struggles as a woman is always I talking to the world. It both relaxes and recharges my senses in the process of my exploring my soul.


Few moments of my life…

The moment I touched ‘NANDI’ (for Best Screenplay for ‘Manchupushpam’, a telefilm) an award instituted by the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh. I realized the momentum and energy an award pumps into an awardee, in all his / her future endeavors, above all the responsibility it vested on me, brought stability into my life.

Chitralekhanam is my everything. I vested all my energies into it to mould as a platform for all the art enthusiasts. It is more like an artist creating atmosphere for fellow artists and would be artists. It is like a community with societal cause. Since its inception in 2003 in srinagar colony, with a few students and has grown and branched out and is now a self sufficient and can shelter and feed the cause it meant for. What more I need except Wishing the saga run through generations.

A pat with appreciation for my works came from the person I never expected. DR.Y.S.RAJASEKHARA REDDY, former CM of Andhra pradesh has all the praise for the paintings and murals, I have done at his camp office.My painting making way into the collection of ‘Bharata ratna’, DR. APJ ABDUL KALAM. O God, enough… I am blessed.

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